Carolin Delker

Group leader in the lab of Marcel Quint (Crop Physiology, MLU Halle)


Research interests

Coming from a background in phytohormone biology, my main research interests reside in the elucidation of signal transduction pathways. Here, the role of transcriptional reprogramming and the spatio-temporal mechanisms that contribute to the specificity of transcription factors are of particular interest to me.


  • Organ-specific regulation of plant thermomorphogenesis, with a special focus on (bHLH) transcription factor action
  • Structure-function analysis of naturally occurring NAC transcription factor proteoforms
  • Auxin regulation of root thermomorphogenesis
  • Translational thermomorphogenesis research


  • Molecular Mechanisms in Signal transduction (Master Module, Winter Semester)
  • Stressphysiology of plants (Master Module, Summer semester), including a practical course in data analysis in R
  • Practical part in Biology of Crops (Bachelor Module, Summer Semester)
  • Practical courses for Master and Bachelor students (see teaching for details)
  • Supervision of Bachelor and Master thesis work


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