Thermomorphogenesis 2016

As thermomorphogenesis has only recently emerged as a discipline within the plant sciences, the community is likewise small, but growing at an impressive pace. To date, the scientists that are part of this emerging community are not explicitly organized and do not have a venue to regularly discuss the current state of the field and exchange ideas on how to best move forward in a concerted manner. Hence, the scientific aim of our 2016 conference is to initiate and establish such a venue on a regular basis. We anticipate that such a forum will enable the community to frequently get together, discuss ideas, unpublished data, and initiate collaborations.

The meeting will take place at Halle University from August 25-27. It will be co-organized by Martijn van Zanten (Utrecht University) and Marcel Quint. Contact MQ (marcel.quint (at) or MvZ (M.vanZanten (at) for details.